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Holistic Health Assessments/ Natural Hormone Balancing

$150.00 each
Holistic Sessions


I offer various assessments in one combined package called the Holistic Health Assessment. Because our bodies are so complex, using a combination of techniques allows me to form one overall picture in order to make a set of solid health and lifestyle recommendations for each consultation.

New Client Holistic Health Assessment: $150 for 2 hour session (In-person or Remote)
Follow-up Holistic Health Assessment: $130 for 1 hour session (In-person or Remote)

Nutritional Consultation, Lifestyle Recommendations & Herbal Supplementation

Nutritional Consultation & Herbal Supplementation

Every green herb of the field was given to us for nourishment for our bodies.  Different parts of the plant have unique qualities that benefit specific health concerns. HOW we eat and WHAT we eat have a profound impact on overall health, and true health cannot be attained without proper nutrition.  Nutrition is more than eating the right foods; we also need to be able to digest and assimilate those foods. Lab work is often used to help uncover any imbalances int he body, especially for Natural Hormone Balancing. I focus on testing vs guessing, then we can measure not only your baseline but also your progress.

I educate clients on how to use food and lifestyle to maximize health, and if the body needs additional support to function properly, then I use herbs and other supplements to feed the organs and systems that are deficient. Each client receives a customized protocol, including suggested lab work to help discover any imbalances in the body.